On August 13, on the day of the 300th anniversary, a fireworks festival will be held in Nizhny Tagil. The complexity and spectacle of this show will amaze everyone, the organizers promise. Only in 20 minutes of pure time, according to preliminary estimates, about 6,000 volleys will take off into the sky. Three teams are participating: “Salyut-NT” from Nizhny Tagil, “Tver fireworks” from Tver and “Art-salyut” from Sergiev Posad.

The idea of ​​the fireworks festival was born a few years ago, says the organizer, director of the Salyut-NT company Alexei Dorokhin. But for a long time it was not possible to realize a show of millions of sparkling lights – this is a very expensive pleasure for the city budget. Preparing for the 300th anniversary, the administration decided: there will be a festival.

“And so, in April 2022, they called me to the administration, they said, we are getting ready. I was happy and not at the same time. You have to work with water. For a festival of this level, a large length of the site is needed, it is necessary to arrange a lot of equipment and pyrotechnic products. And in our conditions there are neither large ships nor pontoons. Therefore, all preparations began with the fact that it was necessary to find all the pontoons that are in Nizhny Tagil. After all, we could not start writing the festival program until we understand what kind of platform we have,” says the organizer of the festival.

As a result, it was possible to assemble a platform from pontoons with a length of 90 meters, and an area of ​​​​almost 800 squares – from them, about 250 meters from the shore, the festival teams will work. And behind, already 400 meters away, a landing stage 12 by 18 meters will be installed for a gala fireworks show, which will be shown by Tagil pyrotechnicians. Watercraft were collected everywhere: rented from private individuals and municipal households, restored where coverage was needed. A 50-meter narrow pontoon was provided by the builders of a new bridge across the Tagil Pond – it served as a temporary footbridge. And now it will be needed for the movement of pyrotechnicians, installation of equipment and control cables for pyrotechnic consoles.

Now the pontoons will have to be spliced ​​together by pulling them together with metal ropes. Then concrete blocks will be laid out on them to anchor the floating items. Otherwise, the pontoons will simply be blown away by the wind. By the arrival of the rest of the festival participants – teams from Sergiev Posad and Tver – the venue should be ready. Pyrotechnicians from the Moscow region will come to our city in the near future. They will deliver tons of fireworks and equipment to Nizhny Tagil by special vehicles for dangerous goods.

According to Alexei Dorokhin, each team has a performance program designed for at least 5 minutes. Tagil media workers and people of art will evaluate the work. There are four criteria: technical performance, synchronicity of music and pyrotechnic effects, artistic level of the composition, general emotional state. After the completion of the judging, the final gala fireworks will begin, which will complete the city holiday.

“During the entire program, taking into account the festival performances and the gala salute, approximately 6,000 thousand volleys will be fired. There will be many effects: chrysanthemums, multi-colored peonies with a hiss, a golden wave with a transition to blue, flying fish, silver breaks, a golden willow, a double ring and much more, ”says the director of the Salyut-NT company.

Interestingly, the festival screenings will be smaller in height, but no less colorful. For safety reasons, they use fireworks with a caliber no wider than 100 mm, capable of flying up to 120 meters. But the gala fireworks will surprise you with its scale. Fiery figures will rise up to 350 meters. By the way, 350 meters is the maximum of what is allowed in Russia. Participants will need a pause of 10-15 minutes between each competitive display. During a break, you need to reconnect the equipment. At the same time, you can’t move quickly: the pontoons are filled with equipment, pyrotechnic products, and there is water all around. The audience will not be bored all this time – the organizers have prepared another “water” surprise for the townspeople. But the details are still under wraps.

Although the fireworks festival is the debut for Nizhny Tagil, the audience will be able to look at the teams that are “thundering” not only in Russia, but also in the world. For example, pyrotechnicians from Sergiev Posad won a victory in China at a festival in the city of Luang, beating competitors from the Celestial Empire. Behind the back of the Moscow Region team there are thousands of impressions. Tver Fireworks makes technically complex pyrotechnic shows, and also draws pictures with a laser. Among the latest achievements – this company won the festival in the city of Rostov-on-Don. And the fireworks of the Tagil team of pyrotechnicians were admired by the spectators of the Crimea, the Perm Territory, the Yamalo-Nenets District, the Tver Region, and even Turkmenistan, which is closed to most tourists.

“Each team has its own chips. From the Tver team in Nizhny Tagil I expect a very difficult project in terms of execution. They make complex pyrotechnic displays, their displays consist of a large number of single volleys, creating beautiful compositions in the sky. Sergiev Posad makes a dense salute, saturated, a lot of fireworks in the sky, work on emotions and perception. My program will be very harmonious with the song, I think the people of Tagil should like our festival work, ”says Alexey Dorokhin.

In general, the festival movement of pyrotechnics has developed rapidly in the last decade. In some regions, pyrofests are held annually, for example, in the Moscow region and the Volga region. And often – this is a commercial event, which you can get on a ticket. Tagil residents will be able to watch pyrotechnics competitions for free. Come to the Tagil Lagoon embankment on August 13 at 23:30.

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