Sales of domestically produced cosmetics in the first half of 2022 grew up by 75%. There are really a lot of Russian beauty brands – today we are talking about six fresh, unusual and trustworthy ones.

Sales of Superbanka started at the beginning of July, and immediately loudly. Partly because two famous girls are behind it: sports journalist Masha Komandnaya and chemist, creator of Pure Love cosmetics Katya Karpova. And yet not only for this reason: the brand has a bright positioning, a memorable name, an interesting visual language and only three products with clear functionality. So far three.

“We immediately decided that we would start with cream, micellar water and lipstick,” says Masha Komandnaya. – I met Katya when I was looking through social networks for a person who would undertake to cook green lipstick for me. Because this is a holiday that is always with you! Other products came during the first discussions. I wanted to create a universal cream that could close the issue of leaving. And micellar water – to at least partially solve the problem of cleansing.

It took about two years to develop recipes and prepare the launch, so the girls met the spring crisis fully armed: the ingredients were purchased in advance. It turned out to be more difficult to solve the issue with the packaging, I had to urgently select a replacement. However, according to Masha, he didn’t lose the quality of the product – it’s just that now, when preparing launches, you need to take into account more nuances.

New products, by the way, are on the way: a caring balm that does not leave color on the lips, and a little later – a face serum. All lineups are complex, created by Katya Karpova from scratch, which seems to be unprofitable in the current situation. “Yes, it is not profitable, but I have no choice: I want to make the best cosmetics in the world. For me, the most important thing is to create a product that I will be proud of,” says Komandnaya. The price of the issue is from 1500 rubles. for lipstick-tint up to 4500 rubles. for moisturizer.

Designer Valentin Yudashkin has been in the fashion business for over 30 years, but he only launched his personalized beauty brand in June 2022. So far, decorative cosmetics are in the line: eyeshadow palettes (2250 rubles), lipsticks (1650 rubles) and lip glosses (1490 rubles), dry sparkles (1490 rubles), shimmer (1790 rubles), mascara and fixative eyebrow gel (1650 rubles). The shades are universal, so that every girl can find a suitable option, the pigment is resistant, the formulas are with caring components.

And everything else shines: that the jars themselves, that the textures – no one has canceled the couture approach to creating something, whether it be a dress or a highlighter. Liquid shimmer can be applied to the face, décolleté and collarbone: it lays down in a translucent layer, shimmers unobtrusively, does not stain clothes and lasts up to eight hours. Another highlighter, “diamond dust” Diamond Dust Neck & Face Fixer, thanks to the applicator, it is convenient to use pointwise. Including as eye shadow: when creating the product, small sparkles that are safe for the eyes were used.

The line is presented in Yudashkin’s offline boutiques on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Voznesensky Lane, in Golden Apple, L’Etoile and on marketplaces.

A brand from the Far East, which grew out of the pharmaceutical production of dietary supplements, announced its intentions in the beauty field at the beginning of the year. HydroBionique’s own laboratories and factory are located in the Primorsky Territory – it is not surprising that the bet is made on unusual marine ingredients. Now there are three lines on sale: Holothuroidea with extracts of sea cucumbers (trepang, cuttlefish), Echinoidea with an extract from sea urchin caviar and Algae based on algae. Such is the Far East-Mediterranean diet for the skin.

The product labels are of particular interest: each drawing is the work of the artist Yevgeny Osipov, who has been painting the nature of the Primorsky Territory and its inhabitants for many years (the manner in which Osipov works is often compared to Brueghel’s).

Price range – from 540 rubles. for a jar of aromatic salt for baths with fucus and kelp and 650 rubles. per foam for washing with marine collagen up to 2960 rubles. for anti-aging night cream with marine peptides and nucleic acids from salmon milt.


In May, Yuri Stolyarov, Maybelline New York official trainer and celebrity makeup artist, launched his cosmetics brand. No, not decorative, as one might think. The first line includes products for home hair care: shampoo and conditioner against hair loss with keratin and ginseng extract. The formula was developed in collaboration with South Korean trichologists: ginseng extract improves blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the growth of new hair, while keratin fills voids in the damaged structure and retains moisture. In addition to them, collagen (increases the elasticity of the curl), hydrolyzed silk proteins (create a protective film on the hair), peach extract, which soothes the scalp, and camellia extract, which saturates the hair with vitamins. The cost of each funds – from 1350 rubles: according to Yuri, part of the brand’s mission is to create a mass product that will be available to everyone.

Giardino Magico

The perfume and cosmetics brand with the poetic Italian name Giardino Magico – “Magic Garden” is rapidly conquering the market: just look at a number of popular Moscow restaurants to be convinced of this. The founders of the brand are the brothers Togrul and Joshkun Huseynov, who create restaurant management programs and part-time perfume collectors, and Tamara Volkova, who has 15 years of experience in marketing and PR.

The Giardino Magico palette contains 11 fragrances, one way or another referring to the Italian perfumery school, more spontaneous, open and viral than the French one. In addition to perfumes, the brand has perfumed body and hair care products and diffusers. The collection is expected to expand in the fall. “Starting from a premium line of perfumes and ending with scrubs, body creams with different densities and a sulfate-free line,” specifies Tamara Volkova.

In February, Giardino Magico, like many other businesses, had to revise its supply chains, but this was not critically reflected in prices. “We only slightly increased the cost of perfumes due to the increase in the cost of logistics, but we do not plan to raise prices for other products,” Volkova assures.

The cost of perfume in a 50 ml bottle on the official website is 5650 rubles, hand cream and shower gel will cost 1400 rubles. with a small, perfumed antiseptic – 650 rubles. The brand is represented in the Central Department Store, the Rive Gauche chain and is preparing to open its own boutique on the Flacon territory in August.

An unusual local brand specializes in intimate hygiene products. The taboo of this topic in Russia is still high, so the brand sets itself ambitious goals: “We strive to help a woman solve issues that are whispered to her friends or read on the forums at night: in addition to basic cleansing, our products help moisturize irritated skin and get rid of unpleasant smell,” says one of the founders of “Nesekret” Tamara Gaytukiev. “We want intimate hygiene products to become as much an integral part of home care as toothpaste or deodorant.”

There are only three products in the line: a gel with chamomile and calendula extracts (1400 rubles), a balm with beeswax (1800 rubles) and a refreshing spray with aloe vera (1200 rubles), which can be sprayed on underwear. In addition to technologists, a gynecologist and a sexologist were involved in the development of formulas to make the products really useful and safe. The products do not contain sulfates, parabens and dyes, maintain the natural pH of the intimate area, protect its microflora and are suitable for daily use. You can buy on the brand’s own website, in the Foam beauty store and lingerie boutique Petra on Malaya Bronnaya.