59-year-old marketer lost in the desert and ate tadpoles to survive

Inhabitant USA from Texas got lost in the Chihuahuan Desert and ate tadpoles to survive in 40-degree heat. About it reports New York Post.

Marketing executive Jeff Hahn, 59, and his daughter from Austin went camping in Big Bend Ranch National Park in July. They intended to walk only a few kilometers deep into the desert, but soon realized that they were lost. After a while they ran out of water, and it became increasingly difficult for Khan to walk. As a result, the 25-year-old girl left her father near one of the rocks in order to quickly get to the entrance to the park and bring help.

At about half past eight in the evening she returned to the rock with the caretaker, but Khan was no longer there. It later turned out that the man, exhausted from the heat, decided to seek help on his own. He later explained that his legs were badly sunburned and movement was the only way to relieve the pain. Khan walked in the direction where, in his opinion, the people were. He soon came across an empty hut, found two bottles of water in it and drank their contents.

The man continued driving after sunset. In the darkness, he tripped over a rock, fell and broke his wrist. There was a puddle where he fell. The American used a straw that was attached to one of the bottles to drink and moved on.

The next day, Khan discovered a small stream full of tadpoles. He caught them with his hat and ate them. At that moment, the sound of a search squad helicopter was heard. In total, the American spent more than 24 hours alone in the desert. He was hospitalized with sunburn and acute renal failure.

Now fully recovered, Khan said he intends to return to Big Bend Ranch to deliver two bottles of water to his desert cabin to replace the ones he drank over the summer.

Previously reportedthat a 27-year-old US resident crashed into a tree on a motorcycle, lay in a ditch for three days and survived. Taylor Boyle from Tennessee disappeared on the morning of Sunday, October 15, after going to have breakfast at a fast food restaurant.

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