There is one thing we should not forget. We are not born in this world to suffer or give up, we are born to be happy everyone, be happy! that’s the quote that concludes at the end of episode 20 of the drama Our Blues .

The definition of happiness for everyone is different and has their own standards. Including for the residents of Pureung, a fictional village in the Korean drama Our Blues which has residents with various life stories.

The drama Our Blues has reached its final episode which amounted to 20 episodes, the residents of Pureung have also achieved their happiness which is depicted in the celebration of the inter-village sports party. A bright smile was seen after each of them had experienced various ups and downs in life that drained tears.

Happiness will not come if only waited, that’s how the people of Pureung struggle to end sadness and pick up happiness. Like the drama jargon that all living should be happy! Let’s look at some of the gist that can be the inspiration of the drama Our Blues about the meaning of happiness.

1. Dare to apologize and sincerely forgive

Do you agree that the simplest happiness is when we don’t have any hurt or resentment towards other people? One way to get that happiness is to have the courage to apologize if we have made a mistake and sincerely forgive those who have wronged us.

It’s really hard to do, especially if you already have feelings, but if we remember our main goal is to be happy, hopefully it will make it a little easier.

Like the story of Inkwon and Hosik, and Dongseok and his mother. Their story illustrates that it is easy to feel happy with the situation by forgiving each other. All the feelings that were holding them back suddenly collapsed and turned into spaciousness when they dared to say and accept an apology.

2. The importance of family

Bu Chunhi had to swallow her sadness when her daughter-in-law left her grandson to live with her in the village, because it turned out that her son was in critical condition due to illness. His strong shoulders instantly went limp as if he hadn’t worked hard for decades.

Luckily he lives with the people of Pureung who care about him like his own family. They sincerely accompanied him through the ordeal and strengthened him to continue praying for his son’s recovery.

Our Blues drama shows how important the presence of family or closest people who sincerely care for us is like family when we are down. Family in good and bad trying to be with us.

It’s just that sometimes we still see it only from the negative side and feel that the family doesn’t understand our feelings and prefers to listen to other people who only know a little about our sadness. There are still few who realize, those closest to them are the easiest to join hands and become each other’s lap to achieve the same happiness.

3. Be honest with yourself

Yeonguk feels he can live freely by leaving his twin with special needs in Seoul and choosing to work in Jeju. He also has to limit his feelings to his lover Jeongjun who sincerely loves him. Behind all that he feels tortured because he has never been honest with himself about what he really needs to be happy.

Eunhui and Miran live together as friends, but Eunhui secretly harbors something and she has to hide her feelings when she is with her best friend. This makes their relationship strain, until finally they can be honest with each other about how they feel in their friendship and welcome together happily.

Being honest with yourself is no less important as a step towards happiness. Be honest with what we like and don’t like, be honest with how we feel about others, be honest with ourselves and be honest about things that make us happy.

Being honest with ourselves makes us more confident and no longer depends on happiness from others. Disappointment that drags on because other people keep us away from feeling happy.

4. Don’t be afraid to start

The people of Pureung slowly find their happiness in daring to start. Even though it was difficult at first, they finally decided to take a new step to solve the problem.

If we are afraid to start there is only curiosity and regret, however the result is at least we have tried. Because no one will know what happiness will await when you dare to end all sadness. At least this is the step that Min Seonah took to fight the depression she experienced for years because she had to keep holding on to her sadness.

His desire to be happy along with the moment of reuniting he and Dongseok encouraged him to be braver to look in different directions and not only always see his sadness which made it difficult for him to move on in life. Starting a new life for the sake of loved ones becomes its own strength in bringing happiness.

5. Make peace with the situation

Happy or not is the responsibility of each individual. Happiness has not yet arrived, perhaps because we have not been able to give ourselves the opportunity to accept things that should have happened and try to be generous. Making peace with the situation could be the culmination of all the steps we have taken to find happiness. Easy to say, hard to do but it has to be done.

Hansu described how difficult it was when he had to go here and there looking for borrowed money so that his son could still study golf in America, when his wife and children were no longer able to live a life apart and had to struggle with financial problems.

Hansu finally had the courage to try to accept the situation that was almost impossible to force. Slowly he begins to realize that true happiness is a peaceful atmosphere with loved ones at the expense of ambition.