Twenty-one years ago, Slmov won her first home triumph just before Nikola Bajgerová, aunt Petra Evkov. Defending champion Nikola Noskov ended up in Kovov’s quarter.

Slmov sharply pasted five towns from the village of Batchovce in Bnovce nad Bebravou, Slovakia. The cycling guide Cyklotrenink overcame the track 19.8 kilometers long at 29:52 and won just half a second ahead of Bajgerová.

I’ve been riding a coach for two years, this is completely unbelievable. Clem was a box. The first place I would not have thought at all, said Slmov Czech television. I’m saddled. There was a lot of hill. I don’t like flat planes very much, she added a seductress, two of which was dedicated to athletics.

Tet evkov was about 43 seconds behind, and for another five seconds she lost Noskov.

Among the juniors, Elika Kvasnikov was the best, the junior asovka was won by Pavel Novk.

At 3 pm, the time trial of the elite category started him (39.4 km).