January 8, 2023, 07:53 – Public News Service – OSN

Columnist Sean Rayment pointed out a dangerous problem in the ranks British army – about a quarter of the armed forces of the United Kingdom are overweight.

In an article for the Daily Mail newspaper, the journalist noted that 40,000 out of 145,000 British fighters are overweight.

For example, he writes, the heaviest soldier in the British Armed Forces weighed more than 180 kilograms. However, he was still asked to leave the army for medical reasons.

Earlier, former British Army colonel and NATO commander Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said that in 2023 the North Atlantic Alliance would intervene in the conflict in Ukraine.

The officer drew attention to the fact that some people consider the likelihood of such interference to be almost zero.

According to the colonel, NATO has two main goals in Ukraine: to help Kyiv quickly end the conflict by providing it with weapons, and to show Russia where the “red lines” are. More about it read in material Public news service.