40-year-old Oleg Sulitsa will act as Rector of the Russian State University

40-year-old candidate of philological sciences Oleg Sulitsa was appointed acting rector of the Russian State University named after Sergei Yesenin. On Thursday, May 12, he was presented to the academic council of the university, informs press service of RGU.

Oleg Sulica is a university graduate, in 2004 he graduated from the university with honors with a degree in English and Japanese language teacher. He worked as an English teacher at school, since 2015 he has held various positions at the Russian State University. Prior to his appointment, he was Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Innovation at the University.

Recall that the term of office of the former head of the university Andrey Minaev expired on Wednesday, May 11.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Petr Kucherenko wished Oleg Sulica success, victories, effective work aimed at the development of RSU.