In two years, the Ministry of Education, together with pedagogical universities, approved the core of teacher education – unified teacher training programs both in the system of higher education and in the system of secondary vocational education.

Photo: Press service of the OmSPU

How reported on the website of the Ministry of Education of Russia, 33 Russian pedagogical universities received financial support. Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov spoke about this.

According to the head of the department, new spaces, “Quantoriums” appear in pedagogical universities, in which modern equipment is installed, similar to what is now supplied to new schools. A creative, motivating atmosphere is created in universities.

Work is being done not only with universities, but also with schools. Psychological and pedagogical classes are opened there. The Minister of Education stressed that the profession of a teacher is one of the most important, because a teacher spends a lot of time with a child, they are equal to him, he influences the formation of the worldview of children. Next year, which has been declared the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, special emphasis will be placed on supporting teachers.

According to Sergei Kravtsov, pedagogical education has become in demand, it is already in third place after the medical direction and information technology. Compared to 2021, the number of applications for pedagogical specialties has increased one and a half times: 370,000 people have applied this year – this has never happened before.