On May 6, the modernization of post offices in the republic was discussed at the first meeting of the coordinating working group led by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan Rizvan Gazimagomedov.

“A targeted program has already been developed to modernize rural post offices, which provides for the repair of Post offices and the provision of state and municipal services for citizens on their basis. Additional services on the basis of Russian Post offices will be provided by subdivisions of the MFC of Dagestan.

In 2022-2025, it is planned to modernize 315 postal facilities in the republic. In 2022, there will be 63 postal facilities (of which 2 are recognized as beyond repair and will be replaced with modular offices made of prefabricated structures),” Gazimagomedov said.

“We must use the allocated funds as efficiently as possible, approach the modernization program in a comprehensive manner so that the villagers receive a beautiful and convenient center of attraction with a high quality of services and level of service,” Deputy Prime Minister Rizvan Gazimagomedov emphasized in conclusion.