For the first time in Nizhny Tagil, in honor of the 300th anniversary of the city, a 3D-mapping show will be shown. The audiovisual performance can be seen on August 12 and 13 at Theater Square. Svetlana Yurchishina, head of the department of culture of the mayor’s office, disclosed the details of the performance to the Vse Novosti news agency.

“At one time, when we decided that we would carry out this project in Nizhny Tagil, we chose buildings. They considered the building of the museum-factory, and the building of the former City Council, and the building of the former hotel “Northern Ural”. Still, we settled on the building of the Drama Theatre. Firstly, a very interesting architecture, and secondly, the most important thing that has become a starting point is convenience. It will be convenient for our viewers to see this work of art on Theater Square,” said Svetlana Yurchishina.

More than 30 projectors will be installed for video mapping. A 3D performance will be dedicated to the anniversary of Nizhny Tagil. For 13 minutes, viewers will be immersed in the 300-year history of the city. A strong team is working on the creation of the show, says Yurchishina. The creative process is directed by director Yegor Kail, who has been preparing similar programs in St. Petersburg and Moscow for many years. This time he will have to combine several types of art at once. In addition to video projection, the show will involve actors from the Drama Theater, artists from the Full House circus group and musicians from the Demidov Camerata orchestra.

“We will present the history of our city on the facade of the theater in the most colorful, interesting, and voluminous way. But we have gone further and more, the 3D-mapping show will be held under the live symphony orchestra of our Nizhny Tagil Philharmonic,” says Yurchishina.

The shows will be shown on August 12 and 13 from 22.00 to 00.00, twice an hour. Between sessions, a 15-minute pause was planned so that the audience had time to change.

The first rehearsals of the show will take place soon. The organizers understand the interest of Tagil residents in an unusual performance, but still recommend watching the final version. Excessive noise and phone flashes during auditions can interfere with artists and technicians.

3D mapping is a spectacular show in which a three-dimensional image is projected onto a real object, taking into account its position in space. The first show took place in 1967 at Disneyland.

3D-mapping show in Moscow