RM, rapper and leader of BTS, He is one of the most coveted Kpop idols on networks, thanks to his unique personality that captivates millions of fans around the world.

Namjoom is undoubtedly the most literary member of BTS, his personality exudes authenticity and originality, characterized by his broad tastes for history and culture.

It is for these reasons that dating RM could mean that your date could be based on visits to historical places, museums, zoos and other places of interest for RM that you will undoubtedly also like.

RM’s official Instagram account has allowed ARMY to explore the rapper’s likes and what his days are like when he has no professional commitments.

Through photos, the talented artist has let us see that he has a great interest in all artistic currents ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary, American culture and the industrial revolution.

With these three photos, we can confirm that RM would be your ideal date, since the Idol will enjoy your time to the fullest and will teach you things that you may not have known before.

And you, would you like to have a date with RM?