The oldest member of bts has always captivated his fans, and with these three photographs of the idol, we can confirm why he is considered the cutest member of the group.

In addition to having the title of ‘Worldwide Handsome’, Jin He has been characterized by his great and beloved sense of humor, as well as how careful he can be with his groupmates. In fact, that is one of the many points for which it is considered a whole ‘boyfriend material’ within the fandom and within many other fans around the world.

Jin He has always shown with facts that he is a calm person, who has no interest in causing disturbances or carrying out actions with bad intentions towards other people.

This makes us see and culminate in a few words, that it could be said that Jin is the idol who most eradicates being a being of light, who uses his tender side to his advantage to give hope to those who feel lost.

through these three Photographs, Jin has shown how tender he can be, falling in love and captivating everyone. ARMY with his tenderness.

Do you like these images that show Jin’s enormous tenderness?