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26 flights were delayed and canceled at three Moscow airports

At three Moscow airports on Monday, November 13, mass cancellations and delays of flights were recorded, affecting 26 aircraft. The corresponding data was published by the Yandex.Schedules service.

According to the source, four flights to Vnukovo will depart later than planned, and two more have been cancelled. Nine planes will take off at Domodedovo unscheduled, and three more flights will not fly at all. At the same time, six flights will depart to Sheremetyevo late, and it was decided to cancel two. At the same time, no data on disruptions in the schedule of Zhukovsky Airport was published.

It is noted that no information was disseminated about the reasons for the massive changes in the schedule of aircraft departures from capital airports.

Previously Public News Service reportedthat the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center, Evgeny Tishkovets, said on Telegram that in one day in Moscow, according to the morning of November 13, about a third of the monthly precipitation fell.

Message 26 flights were delayed and canceled at three Moscow airports appeared first on Public news service.

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