January 8, 2023, 12:44 pm – Public News Service – OSN

The coming year 2023 may be even more difficult than its predecessor. In particular, they talk about this because of the decrease in the export of raw materials, which significantly affects the replenishment of funds in Russian budget. NVL writes about it.

Financial analysts are inclined to believe that by the end of this year inflation will be about 6%. At the same time, a complete reorientation of export flows to eastern consumers should take place. The Russian leadership will inevitably face many challenges: from lack of tankers to problems with cargo insurance. there is also a growing need for the construction of additional ports.

Preliminary estimates of experts suggest that it will take two to four years to create a new infrastructure.

In the end, the competent actions of the Russian authorities will help the country to stand on the same level as China and Japan and compete with them. So, for example, in ten years the Russian Federation will be able to compete with Asian states in the production of household appliances.

French expat Alexander, who previously lived in Russia for about 20 years, said that most Russians did not feel the impact of the sanctions policy of the EU countries. More about it read in material Public news service.