The musicians have a common song, Baby, with which they perform as a duet.

As Dmitrienko admits, they have a very good relationship with Leps, and he feels calm and confident when he goes on stage with such a great artist.

“He’s really a very subtle and amazing person,” emphasizes the young singer.

It is worth noting that Vanya Dmitrienko himself became the author of the song Baby. In addition, especially for Grigory Leps, he wrote several more tracks that have already been released and will also be included in the repertoire of Grigory Viktorovich.

Recall that Vanya Dmitrienko initially became widely known due to the fact that videos with recordings of his songs on social networks began to gain millions of views. At the same time, in a recent interview, the performer emphasized that he considers himself a musician, not a blogger, and does not like it very much when these concepts are mixed.

“I don’t want us – bloggers and musicians – to be confused. This is what they do all the time. If we have entered into music, then be kind enough to call us musicians!” – said the artist.