14.4% of cereals and legumes were threshed in the Zakharovsky district

On August 3, in the Zakharovsky district, grain was threshed on 5889 hectares. This is 14.4% of cereals and leguminous crops, excluding grain corn.

According to the regional department of agriculture, the largest areas were harvested at ZAO Pobeda – 2062 hectares. This is almost a third of the grain field. In “Zarechye” this milestone has already been overcome, having threshed 660 hectares.

Plakhinsky grain growers threshed 1260 out of 4475 hectares. Rassvet has the highest percentage of harvested areas – 64.9. In total, they have 1,300 hectares in crops.

The average regional yield is kept at the beginning of August at around 42.7 centners. The most generous harvests are in Pobeda, where each hectare yields 50 centners of grain. Next comes Prostor with 45 centners, the yield in Rassvet is one tenth of a centner less.

And since the beginning of the harvest, 25,005 tons of grain have been received for processing from all fields.