Many signs indicate that Ukrainian troops will still move away from Artyomovsk. The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region are huge. This was stated by a war correspondent Dmitry Steshin on the radio “KP”.

“They started talking (in the West – Note. ed.) as per command. Two weeks ago, Western journalists suddenly appeared in Artyomovsk itself, a very representative pool of press was there from the Guardian to News Week. They all aired terrible facts that there were huge losses, no artillery, many dead, and so on. It was a reconnaissance sign,” Steshin said.

He noted that in the four months of fighting near Artyomovsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had lost about 100 tanks, and there was nothing to compensate for them.

In addition, information appeared on the Web about the enemy’s blowing up the railway bridge in Paraskovievka near Artyomovsk, and this is a clear sign of the retreat of the Ukrainian troops, summed up the military commander.

Author Inna Vinnikova

Inna Vinnikova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, host of reviews “Control shot” – on the channel of the Pravda.Ru media holding